App Store Pre-Submission Test

iphoneBefore you submit your iPhone application to Apple, you can use this checklist to see if there are possible reasons for rejection. Take the test by answering all the questions. If you get the green light on every answer, you will have a major chance of getting your app approved. If you have one or more red lights, your app is likely to be rejected.

If your app has been rejected for a reason not in our list: please let us know on info [a] makayama . com and we will add it.



1) Does your app sometimes crash?

2) Does your app become slow or unresponsive after using it for a while?

3) Is all the functionality you describe in iTunes Connect, available in the app?

4) Does you app show price information?

5) Do your app keywords differ from your apps functionality?

6) Is your app's binary name equal to, or an abbreviated form of the name in iTunes Connect?

7) Does you app contain hidden functionality or "Easter Eggs"?

8) Does your app contain artwork (pictures, icons, etc.) which are Apple copyrighted?

9) Does your app contain artwork (pictures, icons, etc.) which are copyrighted by others and which you have not cleared with the copyright holders?

10) Does your app, app description or keywords in iTunes Connect, contain brand names, names of well known public figures, registered trademarks or other trademarked material, not cleared with the trademark holder?

11) Does your app contain music or video (songs, lyrics, TV, film, etc.) which are copyrighted by others and which you have not cleared with the copyright holders?

12) Does your app make use of private libraries, not defined in the SDK?

13) Does your app use undocumented features of the SDK?

14) Does your app warn the user in case there's no data connection, when accessing the internet?

15) Does your app comply with the Human Interface Guidelines?

16) Does your app's interface look like the UI of native apps from Apple?

17) Does your app duplicate functionality from native apps on the iPhone/iPod?

18) Is your 512 pixel icon in Itunes Connect the same as your 57 pix icon in the binary?

19) If the app shows a webpage, is it active?

20)Is the version number of your app 1.0 or higher?

21) Does your app charge users for additional functionality outside the App Store?

22) Is your app a time limited trial version?

23) Does your app use unauthorised hardware accessories?

24) Does your app contain material that may be considered pornographic, racist, political, obscene or offensive?

25) Does your app contain a runtime, plugins, or interpreted code layer?

26) Does your app use excessive vibration or backlight?

27) Does your app use the appropriate keyboard type?

28) Are your tableviews correct?

29) Does your app use 'excessive' data over 3G networks?

30) Does your app require capabilities, such as radio, GPS or compass, not supported by the hardware for which it was submitted (for example on an iPod Touch)?

31) Does you app contain very limited functionality, for example do nothing more than open a webpage?

32) Does your app effect the privacy of your users?

33) Does your app make covert recordings of sound, video or take covert pictures?

34) If your app medical?